How PayUbiz custom mobile browser provides seamless mobile payment experience

March 11th, 2016 in Products

A major turn-off for customers about mobile payments has been that the native bank pages in process of making payments, are far from user friendly. In order to feed OTP or secure password or give any other details, customers need to dig into mobile screen and zoom manually the fields to then punch in the detail.

Another problem is that, to read SMS for OTP received, the customers need to switch between bank page and message box on mobile devices. To top it all, any fluctuations in network signals result in payment drops/failures.

Given all such troubles, payments on Mobile devices are seen by customers as inconvenient and prone to failures. India has emerged as 3rd largest nation of smartphone users. Digital businesses simply cannot afford to have customers fret mobile payments on their apps, when smartphone penetration rising as rapidly as ~20% every year.

PayUbiz’s Mobile Browser is a revolutionary solution, specially designed for the most seamless mobile payment experience. Mobile Browser sits on top of the bank pages and drives simple, casual and lightning fast payments. Its light (197 kb) and works for payment via cards of all banks. Also, it is available for both Android and iOS platforms. What’s more, Mobile Browser has already transformed the payment experience for some leading m-commerce players in the Indian market.

Here are the cutting edge features of PayUbiz’s Mobile Browser, each of which smartly tackles key problem areas of mobile payments

Auto-OTP sense

OTP entry for payments can get cumbersome on mobile devices. It needs juggling between message box where OTP is received via SMS, and native bank page where OTP needs to be entered.

With Mobile Browser, OTP is automatically read from SMS in the device, and also filled on to the payment page. The customer then gives his approval with a single tap and the payment simply gets processed.



While making a mobile payment, entering password or other details can be annoying, because the native bank pages are less suitable for mobile screens. The entry fields are tiny and need to be zoomed out manually before entering the details. Mobile Browser, with zoomed out view of only the relevant fields, powers easy entry/selection of details by the customers


With this browser, punching payments details becomes fun, and shopping on mobile becomes delightful.

Magic Retry

Magic Retry feature is an innovation in mobile payments that cuts short the payment failures, every time there is a payment failure. The payment simply picks up from the point where the last error message appeared. Thus, customers can just stop worrying about need to re-punch payment details in case of failures. With Magic Retry feature, merchants get elevated success rates while customers get the comfort to pay confidently when travelling, even when the network disrupts due to poor connectivity. To know more about Magic retry – Click here

Custom Mobile Browser is a default offering that comes with PayUbiz’s payment SDK (both Android and iOS platforms). Merchants who choose PayUbiz as their payment processing partner, give their customers the benefit of an unmatched payment experience with Custom Mobile browser at no extra cost or integration effort.

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