Payments made easy via phone call with PayUbiz IVR payment system

March 21st, 2016 in Products

Number of phone users in India is roughly three times that of the internet users. Easily, phone penetration far exceeds the internet usage, and the digitally less-quipped populace of India is a market of size too big to be ignored. PayUbiz’ IVR system works for outreach to this vast customer segment, and enables merchants to collect payments from customers directly over a phone call. There is no need for customers to have access to internet, not even on the phone.

This IVR system comes with a handy interface for merchant agents who dial the customers. The agent can enter the transaction details in this interface and then proceed to conference the customer.


The voice overs of the IVR system guide the customer with card details to be entered. The customer can punch these details using his phone keypad. Thereafter the transaction gets processed.


On the IVR interface, the agent gets to see the live progress of entries from the customer’s end. The card details are transmitted in a very secure manner and what the agents get to see is masked view of the customer’s card details.

PayUbiz’ IVR system comes with these additional features for reduced call time and easier payments for the end customer.

OTP on-the-fly

PayUbiz’ IVR system completely removes digital dependency in truest sense with the OTP-on-the-fly payment mechanism. With this, there is no need for the customer to generate OTP in advance, which would require access to internet.

Right after the customer punches in his card details, he is prompted to send an OTP generation request. Through the phone call, he receives OTP on SMS for processing the payment transaction.

Stored Cards

Stored Cards are featured in all PayUbiz’ payment solutions, including the IVR payment solution. The stored card feature allows the agents to store the customer card details for reuse in all the further IVR payments. This means the customer needs to only confirm the payment with CVV entry, and the payment is processed.


This reduces drops due to manual error while punching details from phone keypad and also reduces the minimum call handling time for payments.

The PayUbiz’s IVR system is especially valuable for travel vertical (such as airlines) and other business lines that involve ticketing, where reaching out to a customer for revised booking or an up-gradation is a norm.

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